Friday, March 30, 2012


Since the official start of this program, my inbox has been overwhelmed with chirpy reports from fellow “ambassadors” that start something like: Wow, what a great start to my day! After Zumba I walked (2,4,6) miles..

That’s not me, folks.

Been there, done that, as is said. Over the decades I have begun one “fitness” program after another—from running, to step class, Pilates, treadmill, elliptical, swimming et al. And yes, of course I walked…and walked. Being lucky enough to live at the Jersey Shore, I took full advantage of the boardwalks. When I moved to Florida 10 years ago, I even strapped a pricy pedometer to my body as I strode about town.

I started to enjoy walking when I stopped measuring and turned my attention to the surroundings…the people, the landscape, the stores, the sand, surf and sky.

Perhaps I should call what I’m doing a “strollabout. My goal is simply to integrate walking into my daily activities. Easier said than done. Walking to the store is easy enough, but how the heck do I carry the stuff home. I am working on it though.

Although I am still hacking away from this virus that won’t quit, I intended to strap on me new shoes and head out for a short turn about the neighborhood after an early dinner. But an overwhelming craving for Chinese food got in the way.

What to do?

I called in the order (just chow mien, hold the rice, hold the noodles) and walked to the restaurant, only several blocks away. I took my time, enjoying the comfort of the shoes. As supported as my feet were, I could still feel the ground, a surprising sense of grounded connectivity.

I REALLY love these shoes—right outta the box.

Tomorrow: back to the beach, methinks.

The adventure continues.

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