Thursday, March 29, 2012

Walkabout: day 3

I can hear you now: What happened to days 1& 2?

It’s like this. I’m kinda playing catch-up for a couple of reasons.

The first has to do with my shoes, which were delivered to an address on the other end of town. The kindly recipient brought them by a day ago.

The second is a wicked virus that has floored me for almost three weeks. I am struggling back but it’s too slow. So I have had to contend myself with wearing the shoes around the condo . However, tomorrow I intend to foray out into the neighborhood for a tour.

I will say I am so far very impressed by the shoes. They are extremely light and very attractive. Since I live in Florida, I can often avoid wearing closed shoes, so this is welcome news. It’s already quite warm and humid down here.

I look forward to long walks along the beach at sunset, as the sun disappears into the Gulf. I’m sure it will work wonders for more than just this ol’ bod...Stay tuned.

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