Monday, March 2, 2009

no worries...

List making can become an addiction if one is not careful. But after my last post I’m on a bit of a roll.

My single yearly determination, if you recall, is to be happy—now. In an ongoing effort to fulfill same in “these times,” I’ve scribbled down a few items. Ready? Let’s do the “half-full” thing. The following is a partial list of stuff (in no particular order) about which I don’t have to worry:

Capital gains taxes
The outrageous cost of insuring my jewels
Becoming addicted to exercise
Needing a social secretary
The Globe rummaging through my garbage
Bringing home my report card
Practicing the piano
Repeating French II for the third time
Rushing home to fix dinner
Being too rich or too thin
Disappointing my parents
Sitting through endless school concerts
How to spend my “discretionary income”
Quitting Girl Scouts
Packing up kids for summer camp
Paying for said camp, or any day care for that matter
Losing my virginity
What comes out of George W. Bush's mouth
Whether to wear Calvin Klein or Donna Karan to the premier
Choosing between medical and law school
Lack of privacy
Back –to-School Night
If any hunks will come to my party
Somebody stealing the silver
Whether he will respect me in the morning
Where to park the Lear jet
Finding myself
Which coordinated Martha Stewart sheet sets to buy
Eating too much fiber
Making my bed
The proper way to dish up caviar
Halloween costumes

Getting a tan
How to dress for and audience with the Pope
My household staff writing tell-all books
Walking in spiked heels
Being killed in an avalanche while mountain climbing
Being too young to wear lipstick
Fighting for control of the remote
Where to sit for my interview by Barbara Walters
Antonio Banderas badgering me for a date
The “Guinness Book of World Records” misspelling my name
Tying up the telephone
However to manage on the maid’s night off
Getting carded
Missing the school bus
Finding the perfect prom dress
Eating in bed
Which bikini to buy, neon orange or plaid
Worrying when the kids are out for the night
Being tall enough for the boardwalk rides

That’s more than enough for now. Are there things you’re glad you no longer have to worry about? I’d love to know.

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carol said...

One may read your list and find it sad . . . . I read your list and it made me happy. My list is close to yours!