Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 random things about myself

As part of a fb informational game of "tag" this is my list of 25...Thought I would post it here also for you who opt out of facebooking.
1. My birth made medical history.
2. My brother & I were born exactly 2.5 years apart to the day.
3. When I was 11 years old, my parents overheard someone ask “Who is the new teacher?” as I narrated the 5th grade Christmas pageant.
4. I once accused Judy Garland of stealing my songs.
5. My first full sentence, spoken at a year old, was “Leave me alone, Bobby!” Bobby is my cousin.
6. I love the taste of burnt sugar, especially on the bottom of chocolate chip cookies, the result of a faulty oven when I learned to bake.
7. I continued to wear a size 36B bra years after I had outgrown it, because it never occurred to me I would wear a size larger than my mother.
8. I never reached my mother’s height, nor did my brother grow as tall as our dad.
9. I know an amusing insider anecdote about shooting the bedroom scene between Marlon Brando and Faye Dunaway in the film Don Juan DeMarco.
10. At age 13, attempting to go without my glasses, I said hello to a mailbox on the way to the pool at Kraus’ Bungalow Colony in the Catskills.
11. However, my vanity saved my sight, as later that morning, a stiff wind knocked a poolside umbrella into the corner of my eye, necessitating a bloody ride to the emergency room for 6 stitches into that spot with nothing to kill the pain. Doctors say if I been wearing my specs, I’d likely have lost the use of at least my left (my good—ok, my better) eye.
12. I never attended a high school dance of any kind, including a prom.
13. I hate scary amusement rides and films.
14. I once worked polishing brass at a refinishing shop.
15. The screen saver on my computer is a photo taken by my daughter of a rainbow over the boardwalk in Spring Lake, NJ.
16. My ancient TR3 sports car broke down so much I ended up marrying my mechanic.
17. I put sugar on my French Toast.
18. I can sing the complete score to scores of musicals.
19. I’ve had several benign conversations with Stephen King.
20. I rung up Ben Stein’s purchases which included several doggy magazines, and opened his mints for him. We exchanged pleasantries.
21. By this time of year I am desperate for a REAL rye bagel.
22. I scored in the 30% in clerical ability on my high school aptitude test. (This comes as no surprise to any of my former editors out there, who argued as to whether my typing was worse than my spelling or vice versa.)
23. I never make my bed.
24. I have always been a Yankee fan, even when I lived in Brooklyn with the Dodgers.
25. I taught drama, creative writing and a lit to film course as a part-time teacher at a private school when I first moved to Sarasota.

Your turn...

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