Sunday, October 26, 2008

Game over

Deed done.
Final bell.

(Fat chance)

I'm Roberta Wells, and I approve this message for the relief I need.

Election day used to be fun. It was a holiday. Schools were closed cause that's where we voted. There was a celebration vibe.

Fast forward. We are expected to vote around our working hours. We're voting all over the place, like the Elks, as schools are open. Voting becomes a chore to be scheduled in a busy day. People curse the lines, casting glances at their watches.
(An aside: when my daughter lived in San Francisco, she once voted in someone's garage.)

Then I move to Florida and am assigned to vote in a church. A CHURCH! I am expected to pass under a giant cross to cast my vote in a land founded on the separation of same. No one else seem to think this is not appropriate. I am furious.

Enter early voting. I learn if I vote early I have my choice of venues, seven days a week. I opt for Fruitville Library. I like it. It feels like a school.

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